I provide business coaching and marketing strategy for women entrepreneurs just like you. 

My #1 goal here at Eagle + Mouse is to help you connect with your potential clients and customers with joy.

I believe that marketing can be done with ease. I believe it can be fun. And who doesn't want to have some fun?!

The key is to be yourself and really connect authentically while sharing your products and services with the people who really need what you have to offer.

I help creative entrepreneurs to elevate their success through authentic connections and marketing strategy.


My business thrives because I connect with awesome women in person. I take time for coffee, networking events, and meets up because I believe there's nothing like meeting someone face to face.


The digital landscape gives us an opportunity to meet people worldwide. 
The purpose of online marketing is still the same as in person: to make authentic connections and to be social



How you think has a lot to do with your success. It's not just about thinking good thoughts - you have to take action! And it really helps to have a guide to take your thoughts and mindset to the next level.

Confession: I Love Email


Sure, my inbox can feel like an overwhelming to-do list, but here's why I still love it:

Email lets me share stories, tips, tricks
and heartfelt nuggets with friends,  
with people who Really "get me"

My friends have told me that are craving that heartfelt connection. They want to receive emails that give them a greater sense of belonging. So I've started to share my knowledge and advice with my Eagle + Mouse friends. Our conversations are deep and meaningful, but still light-hearted. I'm totally loving the feeling of connecting with these awesome people every Saturday morning.

And I bet you'll love it, too.

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I don't worry about algorithm or how many "likes" I get. I want to have real conversations. So come on over to my instagram account and get real with me. Leave a comment. Tell me what you really think. Show up and share some real life with me! Can't wait to connect!