Hey BossLady!

I’m Eryn. I’m a marketing and business strategist. Recently, a client called me an "angel in her pocket." 

I totally blushed.

Are you tired of carbon-copy coaches?

You know the ones....

Group programs promising a “proven” system that “guarantees” a six-figure launch. Generic, paint-by-numbers advice.

My clients aren't convinced. They're over the hype. They want a high-quality, personalized expert on their team. 

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You’ve taken a huge leap of faith starting your dream business. Aren't you seeking exceptional value when hiring a coach? 

Great. I’m your girl. 

I developed my expertise in the literary arts, planning and marketing events for over 75 exceptional writers, including Elizabeth Gilbert, Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, and even Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

I formed real relationships with these creatives; they told me about their triumphs and challenges. My favorite author even revealed her secret anxiety. Despite having authored 20+ bestselling titles, sitting down to write still completely terrifies her.  

Me with Sue Grafton

Me with Sue Grafton

You're not the only creative person who is afraid.

Courageous leaps of faith are the norm for my clients. 

They hire me as their coach because they're scared. Showing up to run their business day after day requires faith, especially when it's messy.

They make a daily re-decision that sounds like:

“Yes, leading my business is challenging, but I’m still all in.”

My career as a marketing director was built supporting people whose successes include signing publishing deals, negotiating movie rights, serving in prestigious positions, and inspiring audiences of thousands from the stage. 

My clients were inspirational, successful, and driven to achieve their dreams.

But guess what… they still are

My leap of faith into private coaching has lead me to work with the most creative, hard-working, positive clients on the planet. Entrepreneurs just like you, who started with an idea and have built something they’re incredibly proud of. 

Successful authors need a team of editors, agents, publicists, and personal cheerleaders. (Don’t believe me? Just check out the dedication and acknowledgement pages of literally any book.)

Kickass business owners need a coach, too.

I’m a great coach. And while that might sound arrogant to say so directly, I’m telling you this because I’ll back up the promise. My commitment to your success is the same as it was when Liz Gilbert took me by the arm so I could lead her through a crowd of thousands to her book signing table. I have your back.

Me with Elizabeth Gilbert

Me with Elizabeth Gilbert

My commitment to your success is the same as for my client Lindsey Smith, who trusted my guidance in prepping her TedX talk.

I'll use everything I know to help you master authentic marketing, run your business with custom strategy, and share a crystal clear message with the world.

I believe that no matter how determined you are to do everything on your own, there's no formula for success. The journey of being your own boss isn’t easy and honestly, don't you want more than average advice? 

Helping you create a unique, authentic marketing and business strategy that will attract dream clients into your business is how I fulfill my dream every day.

I stand with you, the fearful yet courageous business owner who invests in the pursuit of your dreams and success.  

You can totally do this and I’m here to help.

xo Eryn


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I believe your marketing strategy should be as unique as you are.

I started Eagle + Mouse to help you reach your dreams...
and your dream clients.


I'm going to be honest, my dreams are on the move. I'm spending my time traveling, writing, and planning adventures and experiences for my Mastermind clients.

But here's the thing... I totally honor your dreams.

If you've got wanderlust, want to go on more hiking trips, or have dreams of living abroad for part of the year, I'll help you build your business in alignment with your vision.  

If you want time to spend with your kids, make date night a priority, or have volunteer commitments that serve as your cornerstone, I'll help you create a marketing plan that aligns with your life.

If you want to work with clients who are dedicated to green living, value quality, or are looking for the transformation only you can help them achieve, I can help you find them

Let's start the conversation and get to know each better. Maybe I'm exactly the business coach you're looking for.