Hosted By Success Strategist, Eryn Morgan

The Soulful Success Mastermind will help you make more money, attract more ideal clients, and become an even stronger leader of your life and business.

This High-Level Experience Will Change Your Life

It's all About Transformation

With support from an expert coach, a committed group of high-vibe entrepreneurs, and the time and space to work on your business, you'll reach your business goals without struggle, loneliness, and overwhelm.

You're a High Achiever

You believe in your dreams. You've accomplished a lot in your business because of your hard work and dedication. You're committed to your business and to growing beyond your comfort zone. You don't make excuses, but instead take personal responsibility for your results.

You WANT TO DITCH Struggle

While you could do everything on your own — hey, you ARE super talented! — you know it will be a less stressful journey to the next level if you have support. You're ready to say goodbye to isolation, frustration, and all the struggle. You know that making an investment in support will get a return.


BUT here's the reality...

You're making money & getting clients, but something still isn't flowing. Outsiders assume you're successful, but only YOU know just how hard you work to avoid overwhelm and burnout.

While you have a full work-load, you aren't consistently attracting your ideal clients.

Sales are sometimes a struggle. You're might not be 100% confident in your pricing, offers, or approach to selling your products and services. 

You post religiously on social media, update your website with blog posts and recent work, but still, you feel scattered. Where should you focus your marketing efforts?

How can you keep up with everything while still having a little bit of free time or gasp... a vacation?!

You've gotten through the hard work of startup, but you've hit a plateau.

You're willing to admit to yourself that you need some outside perspective and support, because honestly, you just don't know how to bust through to the next level.

You aren't exactly sure what's not working, but you're working harder than ever just to pay the bills. 



What you really want is for your business to be fun and feel effortless.

You want to apply focused effort to the right things that will actually make you money so you can work less and earn more.

You want living your life to take center stage.

You want to attract clients you adore, who are a breeze to serve, love your work, and who appreciate your expertise so much that they tell their friends to hire you.

You want sales conversations to flow and feel good. You want to trust your process for closing a sale.

Obviously, you want increased revenue, more free time, and for everything to be easier.

But really, I know you most want to feel CONFIDENT. 

To have 100% confidence that your decisions are the right ones. To have confidence that your vision for your life and business are possible and that you have the ability to get there. 


Isolation is Optional, but no one told you...

SOLOpreneur is a word we sometimes use to describe being our own boss. But that word, SOLO, it's just so isolating. We've been programmed to believe that we have to do everything alone. 

  • Your family doesn't understand your business, or why exactly you'd give up the steady paycheck with benefits that your kickass skillset could earn you in corporate America.
So you stop sharing business details at family gatherings. You just hit the highlights.
Everything is fine.
  • Your best friends are starting to notice that you're not as "fun" as you used to be. Free time decreases as success increases. 
That's feels backwards, but hey -- working hard is just reality!
There's little time for fun. 
  • Your interests have shifted. You want to talk about ideas that light you up and strategize over how to get to the next level. You're so over the small-talk, gossip, and conversations that don't align with your passions.  
So when you do go out with friends, the conversations feel stale and uninspiring.
Face it - you're bored.

You've learned success equals disconnection

Here's the thing my friend - It doesn't have to be this way for you anymore. You can make new connections that give you the support and community you're craving.

You don't have to run your business in isolation.

"Before I joined the mastermind,

 I had big goals for my business but lacked the direction and accountability to make them happen. During a six month period I was able to double my monthly income goals, build long-lasting relationships with amazing women, and take bigger leaps in my business than I ever could have done on my own."

~ Lacey McLaughlin

Here's What You're Truly After:

You want to succeed on your terms, making great money so you can live your ideal life. You're all about freedom and being able to make choices that are aligned with who you are and what you want. This is about taking back your time. This is about choosing who you work with. This is about doing work that matters and changes lives.

And it's about not having to do anything of that alone. You're craving support and friendship.

You want to be held accountable to your dreams and goals. 

You want solid advice and someone else to share you high level vision and tell you how to get there. You want to take your business to the next level without working harder, longer, or struggling to do all the things.

Mastermind Alum Speak...

Emily Marko - Visual Storyteller

Lacey McLaughlin - Connection Curator

Cara Rufenacht - Brand Photographer



I believed...
~ I had to do everything by myself.
~ Success = Burnout
~ I'd never find a community of women solopreneurs who could support me.


I tried working with coaches, but didn't get 1:1 time and attention.


I tried joining Masterminds, but found they had no clear leaders, were filled with complainers, and that the women who were attracted to "affordable" groups weren't truly COMMITTED to their success.


I tried just doing my own thing, making decisions alone, based on the best advice I could find online.


But I didn't stop trying. I've invested $27,325.00 in finding a solution that could support me as I worked on business and reached for my dreams.

I found a few amazing coaches. I joined a high level mastermind.

And what I learned along the way is how to create a mastermind experience that works... that really has the power to transform.

The Soulful Success Mastermind is a High-Level Experience that Will Change Your Life

It's all About Transformation

Imagine that six months from now, you're making decisions in your business every day with total confidence. No more guessing. You have a coach who is always there for you. The women in your mastermind are some of your closest confidants and friends. You're always surrounded by high-vibe, positive energy.

You've put aside any remaining excuses and low-energy mindsets that were holding you back. You're not struggling anymore. You have plenty of time and space for a personal life and for fun.


    I'm interested, but is this right for me?

    The Soulful Success Mastermind is for you if

    • You're 100% committed to your dreams.
    • You invest in your own success even when you're scared.
    • You wake up with a positive attitude every day, knowing you've chosen this life and you're super grateful for it.
    • When you need help, you ask for it.
    • If you don't know what to do, you don't panic, you get clear on your goals and get aligned with your values.
    • You're part of an ELITE group of women who are changing the world. 

    I know you...

    I see you...

    THis is most definitely for you...

    This Mastermind is NOT for you if...

    • you make excuses or are content to delay your dreams until "someday"
    • you believe you don't have enough time or money
    • you let other people's discomfort or opinions stop you from pursuing your dreams
    • you aren't willing to shift into a higher vibe, and work on your thoughts, beliefs, and mindsets
    • you'd rather struggle alone than invest in high-quality support

    If you let your fear stop you, or keep you from taking action, this isn't for you.


    Here's How It Works:

    The Soulful Success Mastermind has three components: GROUP CONNECTION, 1:1 PRIVATE COACHING, and A BONUS LIVE, IN-PERSON BUSINESS RETREAT.

    group coaching

    Every other week, you'll participate in group connections using the Zoom video platform, which will be recorded for easy reference. During these calls, you'll get individual support and coaching. I'll also work with the whole group to teach and train on relevant topics that will support everyone's growth.

    These calls will give you a huge dose of energy that will give your courage, confidence, and help you maintain momentum. 

    You'll also have the opportunity to support other women in the group with relevant encouragement, tips, advice, or knowledge.

    facebook group

    This private Facebook group is where we'll share wins, links, encouragement, or where you can ask for support between calls. There's no requirement to participate, but the goals is for it to be a high-vibe virtual hangout where we stay connected and in conversation.

    BIG P.S. 

    I built this group for gals who don't love groups, because honestly, before I became the member of a deeply supportive mastermind, I would have told you that groups couldn't/didn't/wouldn't work for me. My experience of being in an amazing group has become the model for the one I'm leading. 

    1:1 private Coaching

    My clients tell me that one of the reasons they love working with me is because they get dedicated time with me to FOCUS on exactly what THEY need. We talk about blocks and challenges. We strategize and create EPIC game plans for all your creative ideas. We address the specific areas of your mindset that are holding you back.

    I truly believe that connecting with a coach 1:1 is a key to success. If you're looking to have personalized support, then having this element of the mastermind will help you soar.

    About Accountability...

    Have you ever been in a group where they asked you to choose an "accountability buddy?" 

    In my experience, this is rarely effective. 

    Here's why...

    In the end, to be successful you need to learn how to be accountable to yourself. You must learn to trust yourself. And while other people can remind us to take action, in the end, the buck stops with you.

    During this experience, your "accountability buddy" is me. Once we start working together, I will make it my mission to support you in developing into the leader of your life and business.

    At the end of the day, it’s YOUR business, and you get to call the shots, but I will empower you to do just that. 


    Hello NoLa...           

    October 15-18


    Our in-person retreat in New Orleans will take place from Sunday, October 15th - Wednesday, October 18th. We'll be spending two full days working on your business, while having lots of fun, too!

    Meet the mazant

    During our time together, we'll be using the historic 1850's plantation-style home in the Bywater Arts District of New Orleans as our home base. We'll have a supportive retreat house with all the comforts of home that will support us in taking business to the next level, while still being immersed in the New Orleans energy.

    Picture yourself enjoying a coffee on the patio with your business bestie this fall. Imagine how amazing it will be to get in-person hugs from the gals who have become your community. What would be possible for you if you chose to take action on all the big plans you'll create during this retreat?

    I'm asking you because this is the place where epic leaps begin...


    Why Join the Soulful Success

    • You'll receive support when you need it so you can make fast decisions and take advantage of amazing opportunities.
    • You'll be able to leverage a community of super-smart soulpreneurs so you can get fresh perspective, creative input, or the benefit of a collective brain that's more powerful than brainstorming alone.
    • You'll get specific, targeted advice for your business so you can create offers that sell and will attract clients with ease.
    • You'll make more money as a result of consistent high-level support, accountability, and advice.






    You know you're in. You want this kind of support, accountability, and community.

    Here's what's next...


    1. You might have questions about how this mastermind works and I definitely have answers.

    2. We need to see if we actually like each other. Six months is a long time to work together if we don't vibe. We can't find that out if you just click buy now and pay your money. We need to ensure we can be a successful team.

    You Might Be Wondering...?

    I sell services to clients. Can you support me?


    I sell products to customers. Can you support me?


    Are there other ways to work with you outside of the Mastermind? I know you said this is a unique type of group, but I still don't do groups.

    Yes, I have several ways we can work together privately. Schedule a call with me and we'll chat through what's possible. 

    Who are your coaches?

    Laura Wright and Kelly Ruta

    If you've ever heard yourself saY, "I know this will be an investment, but i don't want to waste your time," we should definitely talk....

    I hear that a lot. And I get it. Making financial investments when all the money isn't sitting in your bank account right this minute can be scary.

    If you're committed to your business dreams and goals, you're willing to take creative action, and you know that stretching a little outside your comfort zone will actually be a good thing, then we should talk.

    The Soulful Success Mastermind is not a $20k mastermind that's only for gals having 5 figure months. If you're attracting clients and customers and making money, you can choose to be part of an experience like this. Flexible payment plans are available.