Let's start with some Real Talk and get on the same page.

I want to be your business coach if:

  1. You’re in love with your business. No amount of $$ would lure you back to your old JOB.  you’re never going back

  2. You’re a soulpreneur who blends passion and spirit into your business.

  3. You believe your business is already changing the world, one person at a time.

  4. You take action on your dreams even when you’re afraid.

  5. You hand select your ideal clients. If someone doesn’t feel like the right fit, you won’t take their $$.

  6. Explaining your unique blend of business magic occasionally leaves you tongue tied.

  7. You believe substance and value are worth investing in and this belief dictates all your choices in life.

  8. You believe the glass is half-full and that there’s more than enough for everyone.

  9. Small talk makes you uncomfortable because you actually want to go deep and make a real connection.

  10. You’re willing to take a big leap and trust yourself to succeed.

If you’re a soulpreneur with a kickass business, then I want to be your expert.


  • I won’t buy your unique blend of business bull-shit: stories about why you can’t, excuses about why you didn’t, or how it’s all just too hard.
  • I know you’re afraid sometimes, but with support you take action anyway. And succeed again and again. So I’ll offer you the perfect blend of support and encouragement.
  • I will insist that you understand and communicate how you can solve your client’s problems and make their lives better. Because I already know you’re making a huge impact.

So let’s take your business to the next level. We’ll bust through your current plateau so you can change more lives. Let’s get you paid for your brilliance.

I want to help support your next big leap toward your dreams. Click here to connect so we can have a real conversation and see if we’re a great fit to work together.

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P.S. about our conversation...


I always begin with listening to you and having a real conversation. Who are you? What's your business all about? What specific challenges are you having right now? Why do you want to work with me? What do you need most?


I'll offer you several options for how we can work together based on our conversation about your needs and challenges. My prices begin at just $497, so we'll find a solution that meets your budget.


We might not vibe. And it’s ok if we don’t. But don’t you owe it a real conversation to find out if I can help you reach your dreams?


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Know where you're going and get support along the way


I created my Eagle + Mouse approach because you deserve to have the best of both worlds in your business strategist: a creative visionary to help you see the bigger picture and someone to support you as you take action day to day.

You've told me that it's hard to start taking strategic action when you don't know what to do next.  You'd rather find a cozy corner and a paperback.
You've told me that you can't always see the plan or even the next steps for your business.

I'll help you with both.

My clients really appreciate how I bring both eagle and mouse to the party. Why? Because no matter where you are in your business, or what you're struggling with today, I've developed the skill set to help you. We'll bring a holistic perspective to you and your business.



It Can Be Hard to See the Path on Your Own


Imagine an eagle, soaring high over a beautiful mountainous landscape, noticing paths through the forest. When I first started out in business, I was actively looking for those paths from point A to point B. And even though seeing the big picture is one of my unique abilities, I hired a business strategist to help me draw a map to define my business path. Because of my own journey, I know that what my clients need is someone who can see a bigger vision for their business. 



Define the Bigger Picture

I harness my eagle powers to get up above your business and look down, to notice patterns and opportunities. One of my special skills is to act as your eagle, quickly seeing and interpreting the landscape of your business.

Together we'll connect my observations with your expertise to create a customized map. It will shed light on your path and give you peace of mind – you'll know where you're headed and how to reach your dreams and goals. 


No matter what phase you're at in your business, making clear decisions can be challenging, and like many of my clients, you may be looking for a guide to help you make those decisions. You want to know you're not making the wrong choices and you want to become a stronger decision-maker.

I have strengthened my connection to my intuition over many years, through professional and personal experiences, research, and social interactions. Using my intuition, listening skills, and inner wisdom, I'll help you make informed decisions aligned with your goals. Throughout our work together, we'll also get you more connected to your own intuition, so you can make decisions with confidence. 

It can be lonely to go it alone


Mouse gets a bad rap, but for me, I'm totally committed to the slow and steady approach. When I first started out in my business, I'd take lots of action, but rarely were the steps the right ones or connected with my overall vision in a way that allowed me to see progress. So even though I have my planner filled out with excruciating detail, I still wasn't getting the right stuff checked off my list. Now I have a system for determining the actions I take each week, and I help my clients use it, too. My own experience has taught me that it's more than being busy and doing "all the things." It's about doing the right things, and using mouse energy helps us find focus.


Zoom In on Tiny Details

In business, tiny tweaks and small changes in strategy can make a huge difference. But knowing where to apply a close, sharpened focus takes clarity. As we collaborate, we'll put your marketing efforts under the magnifying glass to help us see important details. I'll use my knack for noticing the little things to help you define areas to make subtle tweaks and shifts that will strengthen your business. 

Working Collaboratively On Your Business

Are you secretly wishing you had a partner in your business corner? Someone who would dig into your business and help you, while also offering personalized support and guidance as you run your business?

I offer more than just a sympathetic ear and generic advice to my clients; I actually do the work with you. I'm not just coaching from the sidelines.

When we collaborate on your business and marketing strategy, you get an action oriented team member who is dedicated to your success. Together will get into your business and make decisions, complete projects, and consciously take action to move you toward your dreams and goals.